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Step into 5678 Vocals, your ultimate hub for dynamic and authentic cheerleading vocals, meticulously crafted to electrify your routines! We, at 5678 Vocals, take pride in delivering exuberant and spirit-lifting music made specifically for cheerleaders, by an accomplished cheerleader.

Founder and lead vocalist, Macie Dickey. Macie is not just an ordinary cheerleader, she’s a recognized champion who was conferred the title of Junior Cheerleader of the Year by Cheerleader Magazine in 2012. Having experienced the thrill and pressure of performing on cheerleading mats, Macie fully appreciates the crucial role that custom vocals play in transforming every routine into a spectacular performance. This invaluable experience is the cornerstone of 5678 Vocals’ unique offerings.

Better together

Being the daughter of Randy Dickey of ACX Cheer fame, Macie’s affinity for cheerleading runs deep in her blood. This relationship has enriched her understanding of the sport and honed her skills beyond the ordinary.

Macie’s impact isn’t just confined to the cheerleading stage. She broadened her horizons and reached a larger audience when she starred as Jenny in season two of Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader. This experience deepened her insight into the essence of cheerleading and how to share its unique allure with a wider audience.

We got you

Join us at 5678 Vocals, where every count adds up to a more vibrant performance, and let Macie’s award-winning expertise elevate your cheerleading journey. We can’t wait to help you create an unforgettable and electrifying cheerleading experience.

Meet Macie

At just 18 years of age, Macie represents the vigor, dedication, and creativity of the next generation. She has merged her passion for cheerleading and her musical talents to establish 5678 Vocals. This platform is committed to helping cheerleaders across the globe boost their performances with vocals that resonate with the strength, spirit, and excitement inherent in the sport.

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